Why should women join the postal sector?

Julia Leschevskaya, first deputy chairman of the management board, deputy general director, and executive director, Russian Post:

“Women can be leaders, experts and managers in any industry and company. The main thing is that the work should meet the expectations of the woman in terms of self-realization and not be an obstacle to starting a family.”
Kati Packalén, head of customer experience at PostNord Finland:
“In order for companies to understand how to manage customer feelings, empathy is needed. This is a characteristic that women tend to be more natural at. So, to my fellow women – you are needed!”
Andreja Bekavac, head of strategy and business development at Hrvatska Pošta (Croatian Post):
“Today, many developed countries are led by women. I do not think it is a coincidence. It is an indication that we have not agreed to be secondary to men. So, dear women, be true to yourself and be good to yourself and others.”
Reneilwe Langa, outgoing acting group CEO of the South African Post Office:
“In my career I have been in different sectors of the economy and what makes the postal sector unique is that once you are in it the passion and zeal to serve others will rub off on you. It is all about being a touch point for communities, locally and globally. It is time to demystify the misconceptions that it is a sector mainly for men. There is room for both men and women to get involved. It is challenging and enjoyable at the same time and therefore women are encouraged to join in.”
Annemarie Gardshol, president and group CEO of PostNord Group:
“This is a sector that is in the middle of a major transformation as a result of digitalization. If you like strategy, change management, exploring new technologies, building brands, being at the forefront of making this industry climate neutral or fossil free, this is a sector where you get it all. I would argue that the postal sector with all the change that is going on is an key pillar of society. That in itself brings an extra dimension to the job, which I find very inspirational.”