POC Second Regular Session

Second regular session of the Postal Operations Council in 2020


Tuesday, 1 December to Wednesday, 2 December 2020
IB UPU, Berne

Members and observers of the Postal Operations Council (POC) are invited to attend the second regular session of the Postal Operations Council in 2020 (POC 2020.2). This session will be held at the UPU International Bureau (IB) in Berne on 1 and 2 December from 12.00 to 16.00 CET (UTC+1).

Following the consultation process undertaken by means of IB circular letter 4880(DOP.POC.SEC)1108 of 30 September 2020, the POC has decided to allow remote participation by those POC members and observers unable to attend the session in person, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

POC members and observers wishing to attend the session in person should pay careful attention to the quarantine measures and other restrictions imposed by the Swiss Government that may be applicable to travellers from abroad, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information in this regard is available on the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health at www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home.html.
All POC members and observers participating either in person or remotely are kindly invited to pay carefully attention to POC invitation letter 4880(DOP.POC.SEC)1120 and its annexes, in order to ensure a clear understanding of and compliance with the conditions which will apply to their physical and remote representation at this POC session, information on the training schedule and technical requirements for virtual participation, as well as the registration and logistics information for participants.

Please also note that Annexes 6 and 7 of the invitation letter must be returned to the POC Secretariat by 12 November 2020.

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